Обява за работа в архитектурно студио RAW-NYC в Дубай

Обява за работа в архитектурно студио RAW-NYC в Дубай

Колеги, в КАБ постъпи тази обява за работа от архитектурна фирма с офиси в Ню Йорк и Дубай. Условията са добри и проектите им са интересни. Работата ще бъде дистанционно от България на свободно работно време. Може, който се интересува да пише директно на Raya Ani на следния имейл rawnycarchitects@gmail.com за определяне на интервю. Тя е в България тази седмица от 28-ми август до 2-ри септември.

We are looking for an outstanding and creative Architectural visualizer to work virtually from Bulgaria with RAW-NYC Studio in Dubai.

If you are the right candidate, please contact us immediately for an interview in person in Sofia from Monday August 28th to Saturday September 2nd . If in-person interview is not possible, we will interview you via Skype.

The successful candidate’s main role is to help develop concepts and visualizing these concepts three dimensionally and produce presentation drawings.

Minimum Qualifications:

– Undergraduate Architectural Degree, Masters Degree is a plus
– Architect with a Minimum of 1 year – 5 years experience
– Highly proficient in AutoCAD
– Highly proficient in at least two of the following softwares (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Movie programs/ Animation)
– Creative and Innovative
– Team Player
– Passionate and hard working
– Honest and down to earth

The successful candidate to have the following skills:

  1. Highly Proficient in 3d program Like 3d MAX and rendering softwares like Vray with an eye to good lighting and material application
    2. Highly Skilled in Space planning to meet Functional requirements
    3. Outstanding presentation skills by communicating concepts through diagrams and story-telling / text using softwares like photoshop or illustrator, laying out the drawings and renderings on boards using In-Design.

Knowledge of using Environmental programs like Ecotect or other similar softwares to study the affect of Sun on solar gain and other environmental considerations for architectural buildings and urban design is a plus.

If you have the brain and the heart for RAW-NYC, please email us at:
Please include your CV and Portfolio and a paragraph expressing the reasons why you believe you are the ideal candidate

About RAW-NYC:

RAW-NYC is an award-winning architectural studio based in New York and Dubai; A collaborative practice providing visionary and uniquely crafted architectural buildings, interior spaces, and urban design solutions worldwide. We gravitate to RAW-like people. We work with creative, intelligent, honest and thoughtful people. We thrive to innovate while being sustainable.
With a strong vision and open mind, we build for the joy of creating, for the joy of collaborating and for the joy of seeing our clients succeed.

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